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((Pretend this was posted at like 7 AM today.))

...He's... I... I can't believe...

...I'm not coming to school today.

He's gone. He left, and now I... Fuck. Bastard.

He didn't tell me he was leaving! He didn't even say goodbye!! I just woke up this morning to find this note in the kitchen:

I'm sorry to do this to you, and with no warning, but I am leaving to take on a job that I have always wanted to pursue. I did not tell you earlier because I knew that with your strong personality, you'd find some way to convince me otherwise.
I've put a lot of thought into whether to accept this job or not. Rest assured, if it had been offered to me when you and your brother were younger, I would have declined. However, I am confident that you can take care of yourself at this point. I have no worries that you will suffer with me gone, given that you react to my disappearance in the appropriate manner, which I know is not a tall task to ask of you.
I'm not sure exactly where this job will take me as of yet, so I have no contact information to leave you, but I will get in touch as soon as I can.
Stay well, my son. I'm proud of the man that you've become.
Love, your father,
Hohenheim Elric

Dammit... fuck... dammit!! How can he do this to me? Leave in the midle of my seniro year? And he says he sproud of the man i've become... bullshti. if I were a decent person at all people woldnt be adandoming me lef tna dright, woulc they? Hoow can he be produ of that?

fuck it. Fuck him. Bastrd.

Hey, do yo uthink you could come over at your earliest convenience? I need someone to talk to and I think that you'd be the most iunderstanding of the situation...


EDIT: ((This edit is posted like maybe three hours after the inital entry was made, and assumedly AFTER Envy confirms that he will come to visit Ed.))

Fuck this, I'm leaving. I can't stand to be in this house alone any longer.
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