Edward Elric (ed_teh_smex) wrote,
Edward Elric

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Tonight at dinner, Father asked me out of nowhere what I plan to do with my life later on. After high school and college. I told him exactly what I do plan to do: get a job as a ((insery Chemistry-ish career here because I'm braindead at the moment)), get married, and have a family.

Oddly, Father didn't seem too pleased with the answer. He asked me if I was trying to live my life as he has. After being rendered speechless for a moment, I denied that allegation. I make my own choices, dammit! But he wouldn't have it - he told me that he would not stand for it if I modeled my life after the choices that he has made.

Then he stood up and left, locking himself in his study again. I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with him.
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